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Bristol 10 best halal restaurants: Asian Cuisine

After a lot of positive feedback from my last food blog article; Bristol’s top Halal restaurants. I will focus on halal Asian cuisine with the likes of Indian, Bengal, Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. This guide is mainly for Muslims because it’s “Halal”. However, if you’re foodie then this one for you too. As a Muslim, it’s a struggle to find places to eat that’s … Continue reading Bristol 10 best halal restaurants: Asian Cuisine

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Bristol’s Top halal restaurants

If you know me, you know I love my food and I am a big foodie. I’ve decided to put completion of Bristol’s top halal restaurants; focusing on top grill and burger joints. This is my first food blog review and hopefully, I will follow this with Asian cuisine on my next article. I will mainly focus this guide for the Muslim community that struggle … Continue reading Bristol’s Top halal restaurants

Bristol Halal Restaurant Offers

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve found some seriously good offers and I want to share it with my followers and my readers. Here are some of the best online offers from Bristol’s top restaurants. Here are some great opening offers from Cedar Express: Show the leaflet when you order. Read my full article on the restaurant here.  50% off at Sholay Indian Kitchen when … Continue reading Bristol Halal Restaurant Offers

Top 5 Under-rated restaurants in Bristol

This article will be for the under-rated take-aways and restaurants based on word of mouth and my own visits. As a foodie and muslim it’s always a struggle to find places to eat that’s halal and exceptionally good at the same time. I created a list which is for all foodies and muslims a like. So, in no particular order here are my under-rated halal and non halal restaurants in Bristol

Continue reading Top 5 Under-rated restaurants in Bristol