Why my road trip failed! Switzerland.

If you have clicked on this article to find out why the trip failed and how not to make the same mistakes, keep reading. So Recently, you may have watched my recent stories on snapchat/Instagram or even on Facebook. Here is a list of things that went right and things that went wrong during my mini-tour from Basel to Geneva in Switzerland.

Flight 101. BA


Flights were cheap to Switzerland, I just used google trips and sky scanner to send me alerts for my desired dates, which was a success. I’ve managed to get great cheap flights to Switzerland. However, my travel insurance was not great, so when I missed my flight on way back it cost me, big time. My advice is to get some travel insurance before you fly.
This was my itinerary:


Basel to Zurich

For me this was my third trip to Switzerland, However, it was my first time going with my wife and my son who is 9 months old. Taking my son had its ups and downs but one thing I would recommend is don’t let having a child stop you from travelling. It’s the best thing I’ve done.


My only mistake was not staying in Zurich and Basel longer, as we weren’t able to explore both cities.

Carnival Fountain, Basel

The only thing we were able to do in Basel and Zurich was to visit my mates and visited the Basel Zoo and a quick stop at Vapiano.




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Lucerne is a very touristy town, full of medieval architecture buildings and it’s the gateway to central Switzerland.  It is known for Lake Lucern and the iconic covered Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), built in 1333. Also, you get impressive panoramic mountainous views.


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The beautiful city of Interlaken with the alps surroundings us. We decided to go to the cable car round trip to Schilthorn: Piz Gloria & bond world. Great Idea, only the weather let us down. It was too cloudy and too cold for us to go all the way up. Not all plan works out but it’s the execution that counts. Here some footage from the cable car.



Thun Bridge
Lake Thun
Hünegg Castle?

Thun was another stop off point, very relaxing. great spot for lunch and it has the sweeping views of the Alps.





Geneva by far was the best place during our trip. We were blessed with good weather, good food and great scenes. The city is surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, the city has views of dramatic Mont Blanc. Finding halal food, this was top of the list from our tour from the corner of our apartment to the centre of Geneva.



Geneva was a short stay… I would definitely recommend going there staying for longer. The downfall was the trip was too short. We headed back to Basel for our flight back to London. All in all, we managed to complete the trip as a Family, covering 7 cities, and 3 countries in 5 days. Not bad for our first-time holiday abroad as a family. This was definitely a successful trip and not a failed one.


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Keep it halal. By Jakir ‘Jax’ Miah.