Why go to Center Parc, UK?

I’ve visited a couple of times, so, it’s only right I do a blog post about my travels to Center Parc, UK. I’m not going to say why you should go visit and try to promote the place. I’m just going to talk about the best things to do around Center Parc: Longleat and Woburn Forest. I will mention what you can do and where you can go and what you can eat that’s halal. Also, this article will be an overview of the activities that I did during my two visits.

In no particular order, here are the things you can do:

What’s on and activities 

activity-center-parcThey have over 200 activities to do in Longleat and Woburn Center Parc and my best ones were: Subtropical swimming paradise. It’s not your ordinary swimming pool, it includes water slides, rides, wild water rapids and more. Center Parc is great for couples, families and even for a lads day out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor activities; just to be able to enjoy the beautiful forest and able to soak up the scenery. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you should try the action challenge aerial adventures in Woburn forest. It has got some crazy heights and great physical challenges. I was with my wife on my first visit. We kept it simple, bicycled around the forest,  just went for a boat ride, did some swimming and some kayaking. Went for Spa and just relaxed.

Family adventures

This place is great for families and small children. I went with my new-born, technically he was too small to realise or do any activities. This didn’t stop us. We still went for a swim, dinner dates and chilled. Turned out to be a great break for us both.

Longleat and Woburn forest was really good in terms of family friendliness and atmosphere for me and my family as Muslims. It had the best family play areas, baby changing rooms and it was clean. It allowed us to just place a prayer mat and you can pray anywhere without being scared or afraid to practice your faith.

Rainy days

Most likely when you’re in the UK chances are it will rain. Therefore, I’ve selected the best fun things to do for the rainy day.

  • Tenpin bowling
  • Pottery painting
  • Aqua Sana Spa
  • The plaza; which has bar billiards, American pool, a house of games, bowling and sports on the big screen
  • Try some indoor sports; like table tennis, badminton, and squash, or if you’re a health freak then they have Gym to get your gains!

Little ones

little-oneIf you have little ones with you and going on a family holiday. These are my favourite outdoors things that Center Parc offer:

  • Activity dens
  • Pottery painting
  • Creche together: messy play, teddy bear making, roller tots and crazy science and more.
  • Subtropical swimming paradise: baby Dolphins and swim training for babies/kids and Mini-jet skis

Prices may vary and here is the on-going package offer.


accommodationTry to book early 2-3 months in advance minimum, the earlier the better price you will get. They usually have good offers during none peak times. I went for a nice little apartment, which allowed me to cook some of my own halal dishes.

Halal Food options: 


First things first, halal food is very limited at Center Parc. I would recommend taking your own halal food. This will save cost on the food bill. This could be simple as taking your own halal ready-made food, sandwiches and healthy snacks.

Rajinda Pradesh is an Indian restaurant.  You can find it in both Longleat and Woburn resort. It’s not 100% halal but if you ask before you order, the staff will let you know which dishes are halal. During my time there, I found the keema to be halal in Longleat but it wasn’t in Woburn. So, it’s always good to ask or just go with the vegetarian option to be safe.

Las iguanas – my favourite franchise restaurant as you know from my blog all the chicken, lamb and duck dishes are halal. Pancake house if you have a sweet tooth. This is the place to enjoy your cravings.


That’s my lowdown on Center Parc, I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for visiting my travel blog 🙂

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Keep it halal. By Jakir ‘Jax’ Miah.