Top 5 places to visit in Rome, Venice and Florence

This article is a guide for travellers, exclusively for my muslims brothers and sisters. I’ve documented my travels to Italy; Rome, Florence and Venice. Mainly through great photos and video footage. From this post you will get the best places to visit in each city, best food places to eat, little facts and places to avoid.


Let’s begin with the historical city of Rome, here are some quick facts about Rome; it’s the capital of Italy. Home of the historic roman empire, it’s known for the famous arts, architecture, food and fashion culture. You can read more about Rome’s fact’s here. Check out my reflection video on the places I recommend you should visit in rome.  The video covers my top 5 places, which are: 
  1. Colosseum
  2. Roman forum 
  3. Trevi Fountain 
  4. St peter’s Basilica 
  5. Vatican 
My tip for you; When visiting the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain do not go during peak hours, it get’s very busy and it’s best to start your travels early because you will need to go through the streets of the famous shops and restaurants in Rome, which are always busy. 


  1. Piazza San Marco also known as St mark’s square 
  2. St Mark’s Basilica also known as Basilica di San Marco
  3. Burano – Colourful rainbow fishermen houses 
  4. Doge’s Palace
  5. Grand canal – Ride a Gondola 


  1. Florence Cathedral and Piazza del Duomo
  2. San Lorenzo Market
  3. Uffizi Gallery
  4. Ponte Vecchio
  5. Piazza della Signoria


My go to websites to look for places to stay are (also check hotel’s own website sometime it’s cheaper). or skyscanner for flights. Sometimes Groupon always have good offers to Paris usually during none peak time. Holiday pirate for last minute bookings. 

Getting around

In Rome, I traveled city to city by I using the Trenitalia. I used the local metro and the buses in Rome because taxi was hard to get hold of and uber was non-existent, which sucked big time. In Florence, I used the local buses because taxi’s were hard to get a hold of and Uber is non-existent, by far this city was the worst when it came to transport. Remember to get comfortable shoes or trainers for Florence.  In Venice,  you just have to use the vapporetto which is their public transport across the city and the canal, it’s a water bus. Great tip, if you want to go on a Gondola make sure you share with a group because those things are expensive. 


Home to Pizza, Pasta, my favourite Bolognese, Check out to view the best places to eat in Rome. I mostly went to the local places to eat, plenty of halal places to choose from and don’t be afraid to try out the local vegetarian/seafood cuisine. My highlight of Rome has to be when I tried the authentic Italian margarita pizza. For Halal food for Rome, Venice and Florence go to halal trip’s guide and mrandmrshalal. 

Useful Resources

  1. Ensure you Plan an itinerary for your visit when you are in Italy, here is a good place to start;
  2. Download Muslim Pro app with prayer times, qibla, mosque locations.
  3. Planning your transport, directions for getting around use: Google maps and GETT. Citymaps2go Offline maps on Apple and Android.
  4. If you don’t want to follow my guide or can’t think of what else to do in Rome, Venice or Florence you could always find things to do via tripadvisor and google guides.
Thank you for reading my travel blog 🙂  If you have enjoyed reading my travel blog get in touch and send me some feedback. Keep it halal. By Jakir ‘Jax’ Miah