My top 5 things to do in Maldives

The Maldives are located in southwest of Sri Lanka, near the equator. over 1,190 coral islands. I stayed in one of the 100 exclusive luxury Kuredu island resort. Which offers a serene paradise on earth. It gives it the perfect destination for a honeymoon or for special celebration such as an anniversary or a birthday.

The Maldives is a desert-island dream where tiny islands are scattered like jewels across the ocean, each surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and diamond white sands. The perfect honeymoon and diving location….

The Maldives has to be one of the most heavenly place on earth and the most romantic destination in the world.

I’ve listed my top 5 things to do in Maldives;

1. Snorkeling/Scuba diving 

That’s me and my wife snorkelling under the water. Probably the highlight of my trip was just able to go down to the beach, put the snarling mask on and I can see the amazing beauty of the sea world.

I didn’t have a go pro or handy cam with me. So here is a great video I found online which sums up what I saw in the Maldive Island.

2. Swimming in the sea and pool 

With the sun hitting you on the face and being so hot, it was the best thing to do to keep cool during the day.

3. Mocktails in the lounge

It’s crazy hot in Maldives, make sure you utilise the facilities and enjoy the free Cocktails, and ice tea they provide on Kuredu Island to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Explore the Ocean and find the Dolphins

I couldn’t capture the Dolphins we saw whilst on a boat cruise but here is wonderful video I found on youtube that captures the beauty of the dolphins.

5. Romantic dinner on the beach

Book a table by the beach, for a romantic dinner and watch the sun go down.

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