My top 5 things to do in Maldives

The Maldives are located in southwest of Sri Lanka, near the equator. over 1,190 coral islands. I stayed in one of the 100 exclusive luxury Kuredu island resort. Which offers a serene paradise on earth. It gives it the perfect destination for a honeymoon or for special celebration such as an anniversary or a birthday.


The Maldives is a desert-island dream where tiny islands are scattered like jewels across the ocean, each surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and diamond white sands. The perfect honeymoon and diving location….


I have to say the Maldives has to be one of the most romantic destination in the world.  enough cheese… here are my top 5 things to do in Maldives; shown with videos and photos from my time there.

1. Snorkeling/Scuba diving 

2. Swimming in the sea and pool 

3. Cocktails/Mocktails in the lounge

4. Explore the Ocean and find the Dolphins

5. Romantic dinner on the beach

For more pics and video check out my instagram.


Thank you for reading my travel blog 🙂

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Keep it halal. Jakir ‘Jax’ Miah



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